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"Love sparks my creativity"


 Elizabeth Cotton M.S., MFT

When I was a little girl I loved walking home after school searching for the perfect treasure to bring to my Mom. I'd scour the landscape looking for beautiful leaves or flowers to pick, acorns or horse chestnuts that had fallen, heart-shaped rocks; something that would touch my Mom’s heart, and remind her how much I loved her. Little did I know, I was already following my heart’s passion: to bring more love into the world.

Countless times throughout my life I have been inspired to create gifts that would convey to another how I saw and appreciated them. The act of creating brings me tremendous joy, and my creative fire always seems to burn brightest when I’m making something for someone I love.


Love sparks my creativity, and both the making and the giving bring me such joy. Receiving the gift, my loved one experiences the joy of feeling deeply seen and appreciated, and their joyful open heart naturally radiates more love and appreciation to others.


I call this Devotion. Through my entire life I have been devoted to bringing more love into the world, and inspiring others to do the same. This is what drew me to becoming a psychotherapist, and what underlies all of Art of Devotion.


Helping others remember the truth and beauty of who they are by reflecting it back to them feels like part of my DNA.


Personally, I think the survival of the planet is dependent on each of us waking up to see and appreciate the intrinsic value of everything around us, including ourselves. Every single one of us is a unique creation born of the same energy and elements which have been coursing through the Universe in countless changing forms for 13.7 billion years. Talk about creativity!

I love being a student, a teacher and a devotee in this temple called life. I’m committed to full participation in this wild ride and unfolding event that is Universe experiencing itself through all of its creations. And part of my own contribution is helping others see, appreciate, become and express more of the unique being that they are.

I bring nearly three decades as a licensed psychotherapist and a lifetime of creativity to my Art of Devotion programs, groups and workshops. My greatest joy is blending soul stirring inspiration and love, with the playful practice of creating devotional art that will amuse, uplift and inspire others.

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